Cyber Terrorism: A Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears, Breaking Point or Patriot Games?

Event Date: 

Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 12:00pm

Event Location: 

  • CTL Trailer 932

Michael Stohl

Michael Stohl is Professor and Chair of the UCSB Communication Department. He is currently working on two projects related to terrorism, a study of networks of terrorism and a project on the interaction between the media and terrorism.

In the context of the post 9/11 concern with terrorism and counterterrorism, the threat of cyber terrorism remains high on the list of public and professional fears. Both before and after 9/11 the themes developed by those writing on cyber terrorism appear to spring from the titles of Tom Clancy's fiction, such as Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears and Breaking Point. This talk, examining the nature of the threat and the empirical evidence thus far, will argue that the appropriate Tom Clancy titles to describe the state of the cyber terrorism threat and its transmission to the public are State of Siege, Without Remorse, Hidden Agendas and Patriot Games.