Speculative Futures Symposium

Event Date: 

Friday, August 17, 2012 - 4:30am

Helen Nissenbaum and Tom Streeter

Helen Nissenbaum -- "Obfuscation: Sacrilege in the Data-driven Society"

Please turn up your volume as this video is very quiet.

As the epistemology of evidence gathers strength, it drives the inexorable pursuit of personal information, everywhere, and all the time. In limited domains, data obfuscation promises relief against powerful machinations of aggregation, mining, and profiling but whether it can withstand countervailing data analytics remains an open question of great practical concern. Equally important, however, is whether it can withstand moral challenge from those who laud "big data" and suggest that data obfuscation is unethical or, at best, ungenerous. Nissenbaum's talk addresses these moral and political challenges, locating their sources, and exploring the extent of our obligations to provide information about ourselves to others, even for the common good.

Tom Streeter -- "The Net Effect, or Why, Really, Do We Love Steve Jobs?"