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CITS is a vibrant and effective network of scholars dedicated to interdisciplinary research and education that seeks to understand and help shape the complex development, use, and social effects of information technologies. We foster cutting edge research across engineering, social sciences, and humanities through dynamic connections with academia, industry, and government.


Last month, over 120 researchers, students, and industry experts attended the inaugural...

CITS Director Joe Walther published a brief article, “...


Message from the Director (March 2, 2020)

Joe Walther

CITS addresses some of the most pressing social issues today, in the realm of technology’s effects on society. In the past two years, major initiatives have focused on fake news, online hate, and interacting with artificial intelligence. We’ve developed workshops for students to support what are becoming critical methods for modern research—social network analysis, scraping social media data, and big data analyses. We’re supporting the campus-wide Data Science initiative, and the new Center for Responsible Machine Learning. Amid these efforts, CITS still provides what it started out to do: Provide a gathering place for scholars across campus to listen to new ideas from renowned guest speakers, and to share insights and foster collaboration with one another.

--Joe Walther
Mark and Susan Bertelsen Presidential Chair in Technology and Society
Distinguished Professor of Communication

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